Don’t be alarmed if your neighborhood Java Brewing Co. has a new name

Five Java Brewing Co. locations have gotten a makeover and a new name.

VINT, a “next-generation café,” is located at the old Java locations on Fourth Street, Main Street, Frankfort Avenue, Brownsboro Road and inside the St. Matthews Jewish Community Center on Dutchmans Lane. The change became effective at the end of June.

Here’s a blurb from the folks at VINT about the changes:

The VINT transformation of the former Java Brewing Co. locations has been all encompassing. The upgraded décor invites guests to have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Wi-Fi internet access at all locations encourages guests to stay connected to the greater community. Higher-quality coffee beans and a superior roasting process have come together to create Louisville’s tastiest cup of coffee. The VINT barista training program has created true professionals in the art of coffee education and preparation. A new menu has been designed to feature delicious, fresh local food selections along with premium tea, ale and wine.

I stopped by VINT on Frankfort Avenue for a cup of joe and some free internet the other day. The coffee was tasty and the employees were nice, just as it was when this location was Java Brewing Co. Other than the name and logo, I didn’t notice a lot of changes to the shop. But with my new VINT frequent customer card, I’ll be sure to visit again.

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