Here are some Louisville food trucks worth following

The food truck scene in Louisville has exploded recently.

Yes, we’re a bit behind bigger cities like LA and New York, but better late than never, amirite?

These food trucks seem to understand what it takes to really promote a mobile food movement in the city. The businesses maintain active social networking pages to keep customers informed of their whereabouts, and all welcome inquiries regarding catering for events.

The trucks also work together. I just saw on Facebook that there will be a “Food Truckus Ruckus” on June 18 at Fresh Start Growers Supply at Baxter and Jefferson streets.

Here’s a list of some Louisville food trucks and their websites. Bookmark these links to better follow each food truck’s location around the greater Louisville area. Know of one missing from the list? As usual, take it to the comments.

  • Busta Grill: This is a sausage cart rather than a truck, but it’s mobile, and that’s what counts. The cart is stationed at First and Washington streets. Visit Busta Grill’s Facebook page to learn about “Joe Pesci Fridays.”
  • Holy Molé: This lime-green truck dishes out gourmet, street-style tacos on handmade tortillas. Keep track of them on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Lil Cheezers: *Spoiler alert* This “gourmet grilled cheesemobile” will be the subject of Friday’s $10 Challenge. In the meantime, here is their Facebook and Twitter page.
  • MozzaPi: This eatery, which serves up traditional wood-fired pizza, has a mobile oven and a storefront that will open soon at 1015 Bardstown Road. Keep up with the progress on Facebook and Twitter.
  • San Diego Sandwich Works: This California mobile sandwich café, located in a turquoise bus, promises to “bring a taste of sunshine to your day.” That’s a delightful promise worth testing. Follow SDS Works on Facebook and Twitter.

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