Avocado, bacon and Oreos – the latest fast-food menu additions

It’s hard to avoid fast-food restaurants when there is a barrage of advertising shooting at me on all fronts.

But the media blitz has revealed some interesting developments in fast food. Observe:

The Good – Subway adds avocados to the menu

Photo courtesy of j_silla via Flickr.

I love some avocado slice on a turkey sandwich, and now I can do so at Subway. Avocados are a nutrient-rich food full of vitamins and “good fats.” I’ll have to eat fresh soon.


The Bad: Bacon comes to White Castle

Photo courtesy whitecastle.com

The new Bacon Cheddar and Bacon Ranch sliders at White Castle are officially the most unhealthy hamburgers in the joint, coming in at 200 and 260 calories and 12 and 18 grams of fat each, respectively. It’s not as bad as some of the chicken and fish items on the menu (don’t look at the nutrition information for the chicken ring sandwich with cheese if you know what’s good for you), but you’re not going to order just one slider at White Castle. Those calories are going to add up quick.


The Ugly: The Cookies and Kreme doughnut at Krispy Kreme

Photo courtesy of Torben Bjorn Hansen via Flickr.

You can view this abomination of a doughnut here under the “Featured Doughnut” heading. Krispy Kreme ruined a perfectly good doughnut and a perfectly good cookie by crumbling an Oreo on top of a classic glazed doughnut. I haven’t tried this creation, and I don’t want to. It’s too much, KK. Far too much.

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