5 steps I have taken to save money and sanity after losing my day job

A couple of weeks ago, I joined the ranks of millions of Americans when I lost my job.

It sucked. It still sucks.

But as I mentioned in my Twitter feed right after it happened, this is one of those moments when life has handed me a bag of lemons. Forget the lemonade. I have to use this sour moment to make lemon meringue pie.

Here are some things I have been doing to address my new circumstances, which include a lot less money, a lot more stress and a lot of time to think about what to do from here.

  1. Accept help when it is offered. The best thing that has happened since I lost my job was the outpouring of support from my fiancé, family and friends. Some folks have offered financial help. Others have given encouraging words. And people I don’t even know have passed along information on job opportunities. It’s awesome to have a community of people pulling for you, and for that I am forever grateful.
  2. Cut back on the wants. For the first time, I gave up my Miracle Whip, one of the few name brands that I refuse to replace with the store’s equivalent. Instead, I bought Kroger’s Classic Whip. You know what? IT TASTES EXACTLY THE SAME. I’m learning to give up the small luxuries again (like back in the blog’s infancy) when it means saving some money.
  3. Stay busy. Sometimes I feel like I have more to do since I don’t have a day job. I set my schedule each day to include writing, exercising, applying for jobs and wedding crafting (four months and counting, y’all).
  4. Give Roscoe plenty of belly rubs and walks.
    Just look at that face.

    Taking care of my pooch always keeps me in high spirits. I highly recommend a dog when you’re feeling down.

  5. Get focused on my dreams. I started this blog as something to do to keep my writing skills fresh and chronicle my adventures in frugal eating. More than a year later, I’ve become a food writer. I love working on this blog. I love writing about food. So why not turn this into a full-time profession? I’ve had plenty of time to think about what my next steps will be, and I want food writing to eventually be my day job. Now I just have to figure out how to make that happen (translation: how to make enough money to live off of writing alone). In the meantime, I’m applying to jobs like a woman possessed.

6 thoughts on “5 steps I have taken to save money and sanity after losing my day job

  1. How old is Roscoe? He looks like he could be the brother of my Wiggles. She’s about 6 I think, but we aren’t positive as we got her from MAS.

  2. Good luck Ashlee. I lost mine a couple months ago when my company moved out of Louisville. Sounds like you have a positive attitude and a plan.

  3. Put only the Lotus Sutra interpreted by Nichiren Daishonin best English translation by Burton Waston, the only doctrine where there is no violence, anger or greed and that we are all accountable for our thoughts, actions and deeds without time restrictions, then we will get what we need and if we need money to pay off the mortgage then the mortgage will be paid off.

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