Abbey Road on the River had great eats and good tunes


May 31, 2011 by Ashlee Clark Thompson

The reason why a medley of Beatles songs has been going through my head all day.

If the early bird gets the worm, the late bird gets heatstroke.

That was nearly my punishment Monday for attending Abbey Road on the River on the last day of the Beatles-inspired riverfront festival. Had I attended in an earlier day, I could have escaped the 90-degree temperatures that crept into the city and seem here to stay.

Despite the sun’s rays bouncing off of the Ohio River and the film of sweat covering my body, I had a great time at Abbey Road on the River, which is celebrated its 10th year during the Memorial Day weekend. And the selection of local food made the festival even better.

Of course, there were plenty of food stands typically seen at fairs that sold an assortment of fried foods (someone even battered and deep-fried a corn on the cob). But Louisville eateries made a strong appearance.

I was thrilled to see Morels Food Truck, a Kickstarter project created by a local chef specializing in vegan food.

In case there was any question of whether Morels Food Truck serves vegan food.

Then there was Lil Cheezers, a “gourmet grilled cheesemobile” that I have been following on Twitter.

Cheese makes everything better.

Other restaurants also made appearances at the festival, such as Dish on MarketFireFresh BBQ and Bendoya Sushi Bar.

I’m glad there was such an effort to make local restaurants and food trucks a part of the annual festival. Local food is an excellent companion to the Fab Four.

Here’s hoping the humidity will stay home next year.

One thought on “Abbey Road on the River had great eats and good tunes

  1. […] first encountered Lil Cheezers at the Abbey Road on the River festival on Memorial Day. It was a scorcher of a day – the sun bounced off the Ohio River […]

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