AP Stylebook adds food section. Meanwhile, I squeal with glee.

The AP Stylebook was my Bible for four years of college and three years of grown-up life.

For my non-journo readers, the AP Stylebook is sort of like a dictionary for reporters. It’s the book you look in if you have a question about how to spell a brand, the proper usage of a particular term, etc., to maintain consistency in newspapers. For instance, I would go to the Stylebook if I didn’t know if Walmart has a hyphen, or when to use the term “transgender” versus “transexual,” or whether to capitalize the word “Dumpster.”

Anyhoo, the Stylebook has added a 16-page food guidelines section to its latest edition, according to Poynter.org. The section provides such entries as:

  • pears – In general, capitalize most varieties, including Anjou, Asian (also called apple pear), Bosc and Bartlett.
  • locavore – The preferred term for a person who strives to eat locally produced foods.
  • blind bake To bake the crust of a pie before filling it.
So why am I so jazzed? This addition to the Stylebook shows how much food has made its way into news and our culture, and how important it is to be accurate when referring to all things food and drink. I haven’t bought a Stylebook in a couple of years, but I’m this close to hopping over to Amazon and ordering a copy.

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