Time to stock up on $2 wine – Trader Joe’s is officially coming to Louisville

It’s official. Trader Joe’s is coming to Louisville this year.

Business First of Louisville and the Courier-Journal reported Thursday that the grocery store chain will make a home in St. Matthews in the Shelbyville Road Plaza.

Now, excuse me while I do my happy dance:

Why am I so excited? I was exposed to the wonder that is Trader Joe’s during my time in D.C. and on mini road trips to Cincinnati. Here are some things I like about this retailer:

  1. The store stocks great tasting food that includes lots of organic options.
  2. The prices are SUPER reasonable.
  3. There is a wide variety of cheap wines, including the famous $2 Charles Shaw, aka “Two Buck Chuck” (I’m not too crazy about Chuck, but lots of folks are).
It seems like a lot of people are as excited as I am that Trader Joe’s is making a home in Louisville. What part of this chain’s offerings are you the most excited about?

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