No seconds for me. To celebrate Lent, I’m giving up gluttony.

I’ve been absent from the blog lately because I’ve been working on several things:

  • Managing my allergies (curse you, Ohio Valley weather)
  • Laying the foundation for my impending marriage
  • Developing my freelance hustle and subsequently building a Martha Stewart-esque empire

Recently, I started working on something new — my self control.

This week marked my first Ash Wednesday as an Episcopalian, and I decided to participate in Lent (check out a brief history of the Christian practice here).

I’m giving up gluttony.

For me, that means no more second helpings. No more reaching across the table to scoop some fries from Rob’s plate. No more return trips to my mom’s meatloaf dish.

I’m doing all this to gain a deeper appreciation for what I have. The fact that I even have a first serving is a blessing. It’s something that I take for granted far too often. I’m also taking this 40-day period to do some praying, thinking and writing.

Anyone else giving up something food related for Lent?

One thought on “No seconds for me. To celebrate Lent, I’m giving up gluttony.

  1. I’m Catholic and so normally fast (really just eat smaller meals with no snacks) on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, but I’m kind of excited that since I’m pregnant I can skip that this year. I think it’s a good practice, but it’s always my least favorite thing about Lent. I’ll still be skipping meat on Fridays and avoiding sweet treats on fasting days. But with baby I’m focusing on non-food areas of self control, mostly less iPhone games, more prayer and general productivity. Good luck with skipping those second helpings!

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