Borders is closing in downtown Louisville. Should some food-friendly businesses move in?

Mega-bookseller Borders has filed for bankruptcy, and the company will close 200 stores across the country. Two of the victims are the Borders stores on Hurstborne Parkway and Fourth Street in Louisville.

I’m especially sad to see the Fourth Street location go. It was a great place to grab a cup of coffee and chill with a good book in the heart of town.

Borders’ closing in downtown Louisville at Fourth Street Live could leave an epic gap. From the Courier-Journal:

Losing the two-story, Fourth Street Borders location opens a gaping hole downtown, affecting the quality of life for office workers, tourists and convention goers, said Chris Poynter, spokesman for Metro Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.

Why am I talking about a bookstore on a food blog?

This could be a chance for some local businesses to step up their game in the downtown area. And if I had my way, I’d love to add some kind of food establishment, be it a restaurant, coffee shop or grocery store. For example, take a peek at what’s happening in the D.C. area. Grocery stores have become social hot spots.

But what do you think? Should a food-oriented business (or businesses – it’s a big space) replace the Borders on Fourth Street. Let’s take a vote. You can pick more than one option.

4 thoughts on “Borders is closing in downtown Louisville. Should some food-friendly businesses move in?

  1. urban outfitters tends to love spaces like that, in cinti they’re in a renovated church.

    i’ll probably be blasted for this comment, but i would totally dig a(n albeit small) target or something similar. i hate their morals, but i have to admit that a place to pick up graph paper for a project, spaghetti sauce, and cute cardigan all on my lunch hour would be amazing. i have to go 3 separate and not close places for that stuff now, unless i trek out to target bashford manor after work, and sometimes a girl is just tired after work.

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