Bits and pieces: Chocolate shop, junk food and IQ, and other food news from the web, 2.14.11

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere, and not a bite to eat - yet. Photo courtesy of EuroMagic via Flickr.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. My gift to you? The news:

  • A chocolate shop/cafe is scheduled to open in April on East Market Street in Louisville. This area of town is really starting to flourish. But can we spread this revitalization into the west end? (Courier-Journal)
  • Scientists say that eating foods containing trans fats and saturated fats could contribute to depression. To those of us who have every gone on a White Castle bender at 2 a.m., we know this to be true. (LA Times)
  • Another group of researchers says there is an association between foods high in fat and sugar and reduced IQ in children. Looks like the smart kids eat their vegetables. (ABC News)
  • Louisville’s vegetarian/vegan scene is getting a kick in the pants with the opening of Roots and Heart and Soy on Bardstown Road. (Consuming Louisville)
  • Wonder how much caffeine is in your favorite beverage? The numbers might surprise you. (Food and Think)

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