When weddings and food trends collide, no one is safe

The Wedding Industrial Complex has worked its way into the food world.

I’m in the infant stages of planning a wedding with Rob, aka the future Mr. Eats. I’ve been combing websites for ideas, and I’ve come across a bevy of food-related items that the WIC wants brides to believe is necessary for a successful wedding. I love food, but I hate The Man telling me that I need a candy buffet for people to have a good time.

/end rant

Here are some trends I’ve noticed in weddings, specifically desserts. I could entertain the thought of having a few of these at my own wedding. It’s not because the WIC tells me so – I just love some good eats.

Photo courtesy Tracy Hunter via Flickr.

1. Candy buffet

Lots of folks seem to have adopted this buffet as an edible favor that guests can bag up and take home. It’s also easy to coordinate candy colors to wedding colors (if that type of thing is important to you). I’m not a big fan of candy, so I’ll leave this one out of the marital festivities.


Photo courtesy of clevercupcakes via Flickr.

2. Cupcakes

President Obama needs to watch out, because cupcakes are taking over the world. Cupcakes even have their own show. Everyone seems to love them, so they’ve become a popular wedding reception choice. They’re just so darn cute.


Photo courtesy of kissyface via Flickr.

3. Cake pops

This is a relatively new phenomenon on the dessert scene. I’m all for food on a stick, but cake pops seem a little too gimicky. And is it polite to take more than one pop?


Photo courtesy of calamity_sal via Flickr.

4. Pie

As I’ve previously mentioned, pie is on the cusp of overtaking cupcakes as the new It dessert. I’m more of a cake person myself, but I might throw a pie in the mix of my reception to please pie lovers.


Photo courtesy of Steve Snodgrass via Flickr.

5. Cookies

This is the one item I want to make sure to have at my reception. My roomies and I have thoroughly discussed the possibility of having a large selection of cookies for guests to snack on and take home. It’s literally a sweet idea.


Readers, what do you think?

4 thoughts on “When weddings and food trends collide, no one is safe

  1. I saw your post on Foodpress just now and I had to take a look! I just went to a wedding this past Saturday, and they had a candy bar. It was a major hit and almost all of the candy was gone by the end of the night. But since you don’t really want candy, I think the cookie bar/buffet would be a great idea! Small, grab-and-go items are really handy.

  2. I love all the alternative choices to the traditional wedding cake. I love doing anything fun and different.

    My husband and I chose to do Cinnabons instead of a wedding cake. We did the mid-size cinnabons. It was a HUGE hit. Everybody is still talking about it a year later.

    Plus having the leftovers in our freezer was a big plus.

  3. I was the guest of a guest at a wedding a couple of years ago that did the pie buffet for desert. I loved it, as I prefer pie over cake. They also had a photo booth where they got a copy and you got one. And instead of a guestbook, they had an old typewriter where you could type a message to them and they would have it bound into a book. I loved the ideas!

    I have a few photos here…
    Wedding 10/2008
    Wedding 10/2008
    Wedding 10/2008

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