It’s time to share my love affair with the musical fruit


They're good for your heart. Photo courtesy of Joelk75 via Flickr.

I have enough beans to last through the apocalypse.

That is, unless the zombies eat me first.

There’s black beans and refried beans and navy beans and pinto beans and baked beans. I have canned beans and dry beans, seasoned and unseasoned, fat-free and fatty.

Why do I have such a stockpile? In the past few months of living frugally, I’ve discovered that beans are:

  • cheap
  • healthy
  • hearty
  • versatile

To fully express my love of beans, I’m going to post a few recipes this week that feature the musical fruit, including a recent black bean soup recipe that changed my life.

4 thoughts on “It’s time to share my love affair with the musical fruit

  1. I love beans too! All the kinds you listed. One thing I love to do is make a big plate of rice and cover it with beans. My favorite are pinto and black eyed peas.

    I don’t have to have any meat with it and it’s satisfying and filling. Dinner all for about $2. I’d say that meets your $10 challenge.

    Oh I have another place for you $10 challenge for 2011. I doubt it will meet it but tell me what you think. It’s called Hammerheads and it’s located at 921 Swan Street. They have only been open for about a month but the food is excellent.

  2. Learned last year that the crock pot beautifully soaks beans and then cooks them – and then I freeze them – with remarkably better flavor than canned. Who knew? This is probably the one thing my crock pot does that I really admire. Most everything else I sort of put up with. Well, making stock of a sort from chicken backs and necks – also handles that pretty well with no less flavor than stovetop cooking. In any case, I love beans and am happy you’re posting about them.

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