What restaurants are worthy of $10 Challenges in 2011?

I need your help.

It’s about to be a new year, and I want it to be one of new and interesting $10 Challenges.

I’d like to hear suggestions for new restaurants to try for the $10 Challenge. This is your chance to represent for your favorite restaurant, cuisine or part of the city.

I made a plea for Challenge recommendations at the last Let Them Tweet Cake event (next one is Jan. 26, so stop by). Since the gathering, here are some suggestions I’ve received from the lovely ladies of the Louisville blogosphere:

Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment. E-mail. Twitter. Smoke signal. You get the idea.

5 thoughts on “What restaurants are worthy of $10 Challenges in 2011?

  1. Cafe Mimosa on Bardstown. It’s our go-to Chinese place, but I’d like to know what someone else thinks of it.

    There’s an Ethiopian food place on Taylorsville Road just up from Bowman Field, too, that might be interesting. Driven by it a lot, but never stopped in.

  2. Bazo’s! There’s one by U of L. I’m kind of worried about how it will fare once Qdoba opens at the old Masterson’s building down the street. I love Bazo’s more than Qdoba though.

  3. I don’t think you’ll be able to eat at Saffron’s for $10, but go for it.

    La Que on Bardstown Rd is super cheap and super good.

    Another $10 joint downtown is Safier, awesome Persian/Mediterranean food.

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