The $10 Challenge: Wild Eggs

Biscuits and gravy at Wild Eggs.

I’ve done quite a few of these Challenges.

In the process, I’ve discovered a few similarities between exceptionally good restaurants in Louisville.

  1. There’s nowhere to park and/or there’s a wait.
  2. The hosts and hostesses don’t wear a uniform and/or they have at least one visible tattoo.
  3. The dishes have catchy names.

If a place has two out of three, some good food is probably coming your way. But when a restaurant has all three … prepare for a foodgasm.

This coveted trifecta was present during a trip to Wild Eggs, a breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant with several locations throughout Louisville.

My roommates and I had to stalk a woman in a minivan to find a parking spot in the small lot at the Dutchmans Lane locations. The friendly hostess had some impressive ink running up and down her arms. And when we were seated after just a five-minute wait, I squealed when I looked at the menu and saw dishes with names like Batman and Reuben ($11.99) and Sweet Home Apple Bourbon crepes ($9.99).

The signs all pointed to some good eatin’. And let me tell you, good eatin’ was had by all.

Folks have been telling me about Wild Eggs since I made it back to Louisville nearly a year ago. The restaurant just opened its third location, so I figured that now would be a great time to see for myself what all the hubbub is about.

Wild Eggs caters to people like me who could eat breakfast all day. Dishes that are usually reserved for morning hours dominate the selection. Eggs are the main focus of the restaurant, natch, and they are prepared just about any way imaginable and combined with a wide range of ingredients. Traditionalists can go for a three-egg omelet prepared with your choice of meats, vegetables and cheeses (starts at $4.99) or the Eggs Bennie, the classic English muffin, poached egg, Canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce dish with a cheeky name ($8.99). But the Wild Eggs section of the menu gets more interesting with dishes like a Creole omelet with shrimp, andouille sausage and Creole hollandaise ($11.99); the Kelsey “KY” Brown, a play on the Hot Brown dish that contains sourdough, turkey, bacon and Mornay sauce ($9.99); and the Mexico City Maria’s Chilaquiles, a Mexican-style breakfast casserole with tortillas and refried beans ($7.99).

The non-egg offerings at the restaurant are just as interesting. Coco’s Chocolate Concoction, a chocolate waffle with chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and marshmallow cream ($8.99), gave me a toothache just from reading the description. And the biscuits and gravy ($6.29), one of the only dishes without a cute name, is kicked up with the inclusion of chorizo instead of regular sausage.

I wanted to sample a wide variety of sweet and savory dishes, so I ordered the Zax I Am Fried Eggs … ($4.99) that included two fried eggs, skillet potatoes and an Everything Muffin. I also added one slice of French toast to my order ($1.75) and, because it looked like my $10 budget would allow it, a cup of Wild Eggs House Blend coffee ($2.50).

Two fried eggs, an Everything Muffin and skillet potatoes.
A piece of French toast.

The eggs were cooked perfectly, thanks to the waitress who asked a host of questions about how I would like them prepared (fried hard, please). Skillet potatoes, one of my favorite breakfast dishes, were well seasoned with a hint of onion and the freshly ground pepper provided by the waitress, a woman after my heart as soon as she pulled out that pepper mill. The Everything Muffin, which I ended up taking home, was a corn muffin with a hint of sweetness and flecked with poppy seeds. It was a hearty muffin that would be a good addition to anyone’s breakfast or dinner table.

The french toast was an experience. The thick slice of fresh sourdough bread was dipped in a brandied egg batter before being grilled and topped with a heap of butter, powdered sugar and cinnamon. The toast only needed a drizzle of syrup – any more, and you might end up in a diabetic coma. Pairing the French toast with the Zax I Am Fried Eggs … was a good decision, because the savory eggs and potatoes balanced all the toast’s sweetness. I love ending my meals with something sweet on my tongue, and the French toast fulfilled that wonderfully.

My Wild Eggs experience has left me thinking about the restaurant for days. With its fair prices and great food, I want to make this a regular stop on my cross-Louisville culinary experience.

Notes on Wild Eggs:

  • The decor of the Dutchmans Lane location is reminiscent of a 1950s suburban kitchen or diner with its pastel blue and yellowwalls and chrome-accented espresso bar.
  • Order the coffee. It is wonderful. My roommate Susie and I ordered the rich brew, and the waitress left the carafe with us.
  • The restaurant keeps brunch hours, so get there early. The hours are Monday – Friday 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Stats:

Wild Eggs, 3985 Dutchmans Lane, Louisville, Ky. (three total locations)

  • Zax I Am Fried Eggs … with two eggs, skillet potatoes and an Everything Muffin: $4.99
  • One slice of French toast: $1.75
  • A cup of Wild Eggs House Blend coffee: $2.50
  • Subtotal: $9.24
  • Total (with tax and tip): $10.79

Mission: Failed (ever so slightly)

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