The top 4 worst Halloween candy choices

Two types of candy dominate the sugar landscape during Halloween season.

There are the sweets that can drive trick-or-treaters to stalk their neighbors on Halloween night (here’s looking at you, lady with the full-sized Snickers bars).

And then there’s the candy that never disappears from the bottom of the bowl.

Here is a breakdown of four candies in the latter category – selections that can spoil a Halloween bounty.

1) Candy corn. This candy could be easily labeled as the poster child for Halloween because it only seems to appear on stores shelves once a year. Thank goodness. Candy corn stays fresh for about two days before it begins to taste like hardened candle wax. Even fans of this candy have to admit that it’s hard to find a fresh batch – candy corn often ends up piled decorative Halloween bowls for the entire season.

2) Peanut butter taffy. Most people know this selection as “that candy in the orange and black wrappers.” It takes at least 10 minutes to soften this blob of hard peanut butter, and that’s not counting the time you will spend chewing the wad down to a digestible form.

3) Black licorice. What is black licorice supposed to taste like? It’s hard to enjoy a candy if its flavor is unrecognizable.

4) Wax bottle candy. The concept is fun – candy shaped like an old-school soft drink bottle and filled with liquid. But in practice, this sweet is nothing more than colored sugar water in wax.

Photo: Flickr/emilyonasunday

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3 thoughts on “The top 4 worst Halloween candy choices

  1. CANDY CORN IS YUMMY! But I must admit, you should keep it in an airtight container b/c things can get real bad real quick. lol..

    I knew that peanut butter taffy (thanks for telling me what it was. i NEVER knew that) would be on the list, but KUDOS for #s 3 and 4. I do hate them, but would have never thought to bring them up. Lol. I guess I just tried to block them from my memory.

  2. Went to see Black Gold last week in Lex, a documentary about the positive impact fair trade has on the lives of the people who produce the essential basic ingredients in food treasures like coffee and chocolate. A wonderful person in Lex is promoting Reverse Halloween, which means trick-or-treaters offer information and a small piece of fair trade dark chocolate at the door instead of asking for candy.! Reminded me of the years as a kid when I trick or treated for UNICEF in Monticello, Kentucky, and felt like our teeny place was connected to the whole wide world.
    Lighter note: Have you seen the dessert Stella Parks invented as an homage to candy corn?
    Looks so much better than the chewy stuff itself.

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