LEO Weekly’s Readers’ Choice Awards announced. What do you think?

LEO Weekly, an alternative publication in Louisville, announced its annual Readers’ Choice Awards today. I waded through the entries such as Best Bowling Alley, Best Church Picnic and Best Public Sculpture to get to what really matters – the dining categories.

It was good seeing some of my favorite restaurants get shout-outs from other Louisville food nerds. But the list was heavy winners located in the Bardstown Road/Frankfort Avenue/East Market areas. I’m glad there were some great exceptions (here’s looking at you, Vietnam Kitchen), but I’d love to see Louisville give some more love to restaurants in the less affluent, less hipster parts of town, such as the West End, Shively or the South End. And yes, I’m biased – I work in the West End and grew up in Shively.

Anyhoodle, enough of my soapboxing. Here are some LEO Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards winners who have made appearances on Ashlee Eats and their ranking. Visit LEO’s website for a full list of winners.

  • Best breakfast/brunch: Toast (second), North End Cafe (third)
  • Best Cajun/Creole restaurant: Cafe Lou Lou (third)
  • Best delivery: Cafe Lou Lou (second)
  • Best french fries: The Blind Pig (first)
  • Best new restaurant: The Blind Pig (second)
  • Best pizza: Wick’s (first)
  • Best place for a cheap date: Dragon King’s Daughter (third)
  • Best Vietnamese restaurant: Vietnam Kitchen (first)
  • Best waitstaff: The Blind Pig (first), North End Cafe (second)
  • Best wine list: The Blind Pig (second)
  • Best restaurant decor: Proof on Main (third)

Also, congratulations to Michelle over at Consuming Louisville, whose site received second place in the best local blog category. Lots of love also goes to Dana McMahan, a food writer who received third place in the best local feature writer category.

So what do you think of the winners? Any deserving restaurant omitted? Take it to the comments.

2 thoughts on “LEO Weekly’s Readers’ Choice Awards announced. What do you think?

  1. Thanks for the shoutout 🙂
    I was surprised that Blue Dog didn’t make it for bakery (despite my votes!) Nord’s is my neighborhood bakery but I am addicted to Blue Dog’s bread.
    And sorry Blind Pig, but Patrick O’Shea’s has the most delicious fries in town. They make them the Belgian way, fried twice, for that perfect crisp exterior.

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