Got pictures from the St. Joe’s picnic?

It rained. It poured. And I returned home in defeat.

On my way to the St. Joseph Orphans’ Picnic Saturday, Aug. 14, ominous storm clouds rolled into metro Louisville. My friend Autumn and I kept going until a robotic weatherman interrupted the early 90s hits I was grooving to. Tornado warning, he said. Translation: get the heck out of the car, away from some windows and on a low level of a building.

Autumn and I returned to my apartment in the midst of a downpour. The weather eventually cleared up, but we had settled in for a dinner of homemade fish tacos and didn’t make our way back out of the house.

I’m sad I missed the charitable event. But I want to live vicariously through attendees.

If you have pictures, videos, sound bites, etc. from the orphans’ picnic, send them on over to ashleelclark [at] I’ll post the pictures on the blog.

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