Louisville’s Fourth Street Live to host Restaurant Week

Fourth Street Live in downtown Louisville. Watch out for drunk bachelorettes and Jersey Shore wannabes.

The heavens have heard the wishes of my wallet.

Fourth Street Live, Louisville’s little slice of big-city entertainment, will offer up Restaurant Week from Aug. 8 through Aug. 15, according to Business First of Louisville. The following restaurants will have lunch and dinner specials during the week:

  • Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge
  • Ri Ra Irish Pub
  • Sully’s Saloon
  • TGI Friday’s
  • The Pub
  • Sports and Social Club

Here’s the blurb from Business First: “Each participating restaurant will have various $10 lunch items and dinner items from $25 to $30. Customers will receive a $5 gift card for lunch purchases and a $10 gift card for dinner purchases, according to a news release issued by Fourth Street Live management. Reservations are recommended for weekend dining at the participating restaurants, according to the release.”

Fourth Street Live’s event reminds of Washington, D.C., a city that offered (along with great brunch options) their own Restaurant Week, a glorious seven-day promotion during which commoners like me could eat at expensive restaurants because they offered great deals. It sounds like budget-conscious folks will be able to do the same thing in downtown Louisville.

I’d highly recommend taking advantage of this offer during the week. Fourth Street Live can get a little *ahem* interesting on the weekends.

*Photo courtesy of pgsmith2000 via Flickr

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