Bits and pieces: Stadium food, meat lovers and other food news from the web, 8.2.10

Happy August. *fingers crossed that the weather will go from scorching to somewhat tolerable*

On to the news.

Mmmmm, meaty meat meat.*

  • Folks whose diet consists of hearty portions of meat are more likely to gain weight than their counterparts who eat less meat, according to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. The European study, conducted by the Imperial College London and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that “for every additional 250 grams of meat a person ate daily, their 5-year weight gain would be 4.4 pounds (2 kilograms) greater,” the article states.
  • Some of Louisville’s most neediest neighbors to the north aren’t getting the government aid that they need because they receive food stamps — a practice that violates federal law. An article from the Associated Press states that Indiana’s current aid system allows state officials to cut grocery allowances when the federal government raises food stamp amounts so that a person’s total food benefits do no exceed $200 each month. “But since 1964, federal law has barred states from counting food stamps as income or using them to reduce any other public benefits,” according to the AP.

The policy has affected people with developmental disabilities who need financial help to live independently and who receive additional assistance to buy groceries.

  • has posted a list of the fattiest foods in each state. Some of the winners (or losers?) include the donut-as-a-bun Luther Burger in Georgia, the fried-brain sandwich in Indiana and chicken-fried steak in Oklahoma. Kentucky’s fattest food? Why, the KFC Double Down, of course.
  • This article from CBS News will change the way you look at stadium food. A report from ESPN shows that there are “critical” health code violations at food vendors in some of the nation’s most popular professional sports stadiums and arenas, according to CBS. “Violations ranged from dirty equipment to insect infestations to mouse droppings,” the article states. This story also includes a slideshow that highlights some of the scariest violations at places like Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. Blech.

*Photo courtesy of Flickr

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