Sushi Poppers and the Candwich, or when bad things happen to good food

I love new takes on old recipes.

But a couple of products I’ve recently read about take innovation too far.

Lay your eyes on the Sushi Popper:

This looks... delicious?

The Sushi Popper is a “portable tube with fresh pre-sliced sushi that is pushed up from the bottom and eaten from the top,” according to the product’s website. The site further explains that the Sushi Popper takes sushi where it could never go before, like airlines, coffee shops and space stations (I couldn’t make that last one up).

Then there’s the Candwich:

What I always wanted -- a non-perishable lunch.

This food item, targeted for vending machine, is sold inside a 3-oz pop-top can and comes in PBJ Strawberry, PBJ Grape and BBQ Chicken. But the main financial backer is in some trouble with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Sushi Popper and the Candwich remind me of the Ellen DeGeneres bit about Gogurt. Are we really in such a rush that we need sushi in push-up pop form? Do we only have time to crack open a fresh can of sandwich between meetings?

And most importantly, would you eat either of these?

*Photos from Serious Eats and Eater National via Flickr

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