Food Buddha brings hefty concept to TLC

I need to send in my resume for this guy’s job.

Chicago Chef Rodelio Aglibot has a new special on TLC called Food Buddha in which he visits restaurants and orders OOE, or one of everything. That’s right, everything on the menu, from the appetizers to the desserts. The best part of the show is the look of pure terror on the chefs’ faces when the server tells them what Aglibot has ordered.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“Chef Aglibot visits a new city every episode, picks three restaurants to try and literally orders one of each dish on the menu. He then tastes every dish, in hopes of gaining inspirations for dishes at his own restaurant, Sunda.”

Out of Louisville’s selection of restaurants, I’d love to order OOE at Toast on Market. Goodness, that would be such a foodgasm. I might need a three-day bed rest just to recover from all the delicious dishes that I’d sample.

At which local restaurant would you want to order one of everything?

Food Buddha premiered June 14, but check TLC’s schedule to catch more airings of the show.

4 thoughts on “Food Buddha brings hefty concept to TLC

  1. In Lexington, I’d do it at Saul Good. That place is amazing. I usually get the chicken and waffles (who knew green onion and maple syrup went together that well?) but I’ve heard the pizza is delicious too.

  2. This is ridiculous and really irresponsible, what a waste. Lets waste a ton of food so your stupid fat a** can try everything and make some money on a show. Seriously, people are starving in our own country.

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