Bits and pieces: Amish farming, Jimmy Dean and other food news from the web, 6.14.10

  • The man who brought us pancake and sausage on a stick has passed away. Jimmy Dean, the country music singer famous for his music and the sausage products bearing his name, died June 13. He was 81. My next sausage biscuit will be dedicated to him.
  • The Amish might live a simpler life, but it doesn’t make the group more environmentally friendly. The Environmental Protection Agency is cracking down on the Amish in the Northeast for agricultural methods that are destructive to the environment, specifically the Chesapeake Bay, according to the New York Times.

“Their cows generate heaps of manure that easily washes into streams and flows onward into the Chesapeake Bay,” the article states. “… The challenge for the environmental agency is to steer the farmers toward new practices without stirring resentment that might cause a backlash.”

  • Kitchen gadgets look pretty neat, but they often become wastes of money that collect dust in the kitchen drawer. OC Weekly lists the top five gadgets that you should throw out of your kitchen. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I own two of these.
  • The blurb describing this Men’s Health article pretty much says it all: “Our First World food supply is often cursed with Third World cleanliness — and the results can be pretty gruesome. Here, a rogue’s gallery of the 10 dirtiest foods on our plates.” The article includes lots of tips on staying clean while preparing these dirty foods. But if you are a germophobe, take note: the list of offensive foods will make you even more paranoid.

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