Finding grocery deals means finding patience

Sometimes I have the patience of a four year old on a car ride to Disney World.

I want it, and I want it now. And don’t even try to placate me with something shiny. It won’t work.


My Impatience Monster came out in full force on Friday when I went grocery shopping at Kroger with my mother.

There were a few items I was completely out of that, unfortunately, weren’t on sale.

My stomach could no longer wait for my strawberries or veggie burgers. My mini fridge had been missing those items for about three weeks.  I needed them. I wanted them. And I was going to have them.

Flash forward to Sunday evening. While compiling the list of weekly grocery sales in Louisville for Ashlee Eats, I discovered that my strawberries and veggie burgers were on sale. Double frick.

There are few things I hate more than missing a sale (those things include Cameron Diaz in any movie and beets). Had I just waited three days, I would have been able to save a few bucks on my favorite foods.

Could my stomach have waited? Yes. If I had a hankering for a veggie burger, I could have actually made a real meat burger with some frozen meat I had in the refrigerator. And if I needed some strawberries, I could have substituted my craving for some fruit cocktail I scored at Aldi.

Now, I will try to be a big girl and wait for my favorite products to go on sale. Times are tight, and I can’t afford to be impatient.

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