Bits and pieces: food stamps, upside-down produce and other food news from the web, 5.24.10

  • It’s an amazing thing when stuff on infomercials actually get some mainstream attention. In this case, products like the Topsy Turvy, which allow gardeners to grow their veggies upside down, have become very popular among amateur horticulturists, according to the NY Times. (story)
  • The government is encouraging grocery stores and other retailers to accept customers who use benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as food stamps, according to the Associated Press via ABC News. The encouragement is an attempt to de-stigmatize using food stamps, especially in the tight economy in which we are all suffering. According to the article:

Government food aid has grown in record levels over the last several years as the economic downturn has hurt families’ bottom lines. Estimated spending on all domestic food assistance programs has increased more than 80 percent over the last three years, and the SNAP program served more than 6.6 million additional households between October 2006 and February 2010


  • The Association of Food Journalists announced the recipients of its annual award competition recently. “The awards recognize excellence in reporting and writing in all media, newspaper food section design and content, food illustration and food photography,” according to the group. (list)
  • Corporations have gotten more creative with their benefits during the recession. Companies such as PepsiCo, Google and even the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Ky., are providing employees with organic gardens at their workplaces, according to the NY Times. The gardens allow employees “to take a break from their desks and take home fresh produce.” Me = jealous. (story)

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