Bits and pieces: stoner cuisine, murder-for-hire and other food news from the web, 5.18.10

Real life can really get in the way of blogging.

I was busy taking care of business, and I spent the weekend away from a suitable Internet connection. My apologies for the late postings. But I’m back, so enjoy some Web news.

  • Chefs are giving new meaning to “half-baked.” Apparently, there’s a marijuana subculture among a handful of chefs. The drug, according to the NY Times, not only eases their minds, but stimulates the creation of intricate treats. From the NY Times:

Today, a small but influential band of cooks says both their chin-dripping, carbohydrate-heavy food and the accessible, feel-good mood in their dining rooms are influenced by the kind of herb that can get people arrested.

Call it haute stoner cuisine.


  • Got a hankerin for some bear? A group of hunters in California donated 250 pounds of elk, deer, sheep, wild pig and, of course, bear to the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. The meaty feast was sponsored by the Sportsman Channel as a part of its national “Hunt. Fish. Feed.” initiative, according to the LA Times. (story)
  • Tyler Cowen is an economist, ethnic foodie and all-around interesting guy. He blogs about the best ethnic food places in the DC area (note: find them in the suburbs). There’s a great profile of Cowen in the Washington Post. (story, blog)
  • You know your allergy to pine nuts? Well, you might not really be allergic. Many who think they have food allergies actually do not, according to the NY Times. About 30 percent of people say they have food allergies, but “the true incidence of food allergies is only about 8 percent for children and less than 5 percent for adults,” the article states. (story)
Juan-Carlos Cruz (via LA Times)
  • Police say former Food Network chef Juan-Carlos Cruz participated in an alleged scheme to hire two homeless men to kill his wife. Cruz was the host of Calorie Commando, a show “in which guests challenged him to prepare their favorite meals with fewer calories while retaining the taste.” The show was canceled back in 2006, according to the LA Times. (story)

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