Nothing but pizza for a month? Sounds tasty…

Could you eat this for a month straight?

Nick Sherman is a man on a mission.

Sherman participated in his own Pizza Challenge last month. The challenge, which the Brooklyn dweller has done for a couple of years, required him to eat nothing but piece for a month. That’s right, 30 days straight. Nothing but dough, cheese, sauce and various toppings.

Here’s a blurb from Sherman’s blog, Pizza Rules!:

First I’ll clarify the specifics of the rules I’ve set out, because many people ask about them. The first part is pretty simple: anything I eat during the month of April will be pizza. This means no snacks, appetizers, desserts, candy… nothing …

On top of that, as with previous Pizza Months, I’m also attempting to eat at a different pizza place (i.e. one that I haven’t been to yet this month) every day.

The challenge sounds pretty cool, but potentially devastating to the wallet, especially if you live in a place without a kajillion pizza places.

But let’s say money is no object, and you had to do a challenge of your own. What food would you like to eat for an entire month? Leave your answer in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Nothing but pizza for a month? Sounds tasty…

  1. I will have to think on your question. But, pizza is a good 30-day challenge. There are so many options. Plus, they have dessert pizzas too. And, pizza and beer? Mmmmm. Or, you could go to Gatti’s. With a student ID, the buffet is $6.36 and after seven paid buffet’s you get a free one. Could life get better? The answer is, of course, no.

    1. Ooooh, that’s a good choice because it includes so much variety. I think I could happily eat spinach and cheese ravioli every day.

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