Bits and pieces: food news from the web, 5.10.10

  • Got soda? Well, you might want to think of trading it in for a nice cold glass of milk. According to the LA Times, weaker bones have been linked to soft drink consumption. Now scientists are studying how and why drinking the fizzy stuff may affect skeletons. (story)
  • The bad news: there is a $12 cup of coffee for sale. The good news… well, I can’t think of any. It’s a 12 buck cup of joe, for crying out loud. (story)
  • The apron is making a comeback. There’s a wave of creative types, dubbed apronistas, who are jazzing up this kitchen staple, according to the LA Times. My own apron of choice features the saucy green M&M over a polka dot pink background. It’s pretty snazzy. (story)
  • The NY Times outlines some tips to making homemade sushi. Best advice: go vegetarian. (story)

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