Fine Print: Louisville grocery deals for the week of 5.9.10

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May 9, 2010 by Ashlee Clark Thompson

This one is dedicated to all the mothers, aunties, play cousins, grannies and the other strong women who had a hand in everyone’s upbringing. Happy Mother’s Day.

Now, on to the sales.

CVS Pharmacy (all savings require CVS card)

  • Kellogg’s cereal: $1.88 per box
  • Gold Emblem canned vegetables: 49 cents per can
  • Kraft macaroni and cheese and assorted grocery items: 10 for $10
  • Healthy Choice fresh mixers: Buy one, get one free
  • Starbucks Via eight-pack: $5.99 per box

Kroger (all savings require Kroger card)

  • Kroger cheese: Two for $5
  • On the Border tortilla chips: Two for $4
  • Arnold Sandwich Thins: Two for $5
  • Kroger round-top bread or buns: 10 for $10
  • Cameo apples: 99 cents per pound
  • Perdue 93 percent lean ground turkey: $2.49 per package
  • General Mills cereal: $1.97 per box
  • Navel oranges: 68 cents per pound
  • Kroger fish fillets or scallops and Gorton’s shrimp: Buy one, get one free


  • Corn on the cob: Four for $1
  • Asparagus: $1.49 per pound
  • Angus ground beef from round: $2.29 per pound
  • California strawberries one-pound containers: Three for $5
  • Organic broccoli: Two for $4
  • Baby-cut carrots one-pound package: Five for $5
  • Vidalia onions: 69 cents per pound
  • Three-pound bag of Michigan Ida Red, Red Delicious, Jonagold and Jonathan apples: Two for $4
  • Frozen Tyson boneless, skinless chicken breasts or tenderloins 40-ounce bags: $4.49
  • Kraft shredded cheese, cheese chunks, cubes or crumbles: Three for $6
  • Splenda products: 25 percent off
  • Healthy Choice complete meals or cafe steamers: $2.19
  • Aunt Millie’s family-style loaf and homestyle honey hamburger or hot dog buns: Two for $2
  • Rold Gold pretzels: Two for $4
  • All Bran and Wheatables crackers: $2.59 per box

Rite Aid

  • Post Cereal: Buy one, get one free
  • Mott’s Applesauce, Del Monte Pineapple and Sun Maid Raisins: Four for $5
  • Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee tuna: Four for $5
  • Franzia Wine (the boxed kind): $13.49


  • Lean Cuisine frozen entrees: $1.88 each
  • 12-ounce Starbucks coffee: $7
  • Market Pantry 13.5-ounce tortilla chips or 16-ounce salsa: Three for $5
  • Nine- to 13-ounce Tostitos: Buy two, get one Tostitos dip or salsa free
  • 16-ounce Market Pantry frozen vegetables: 99 cents each
  • Simply Orange juice: $2.99


  • Nature Valley bars: Two for $4
  • Skippy peanut butter and Ragu pasta sauce: Two for $3 (with coupon)
  • Lay’s potato chips or Indiana Kettlecorn: $1.99 per bag

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