Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with homemade Mexican food

Cinco de Mayo is supposed to be a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride (at least, that’s what Wikipedia tells me).

For me, the observance has given me a reason to indulge in large quantities of chips and dip.

Whatever your reason for celebrating Cinco de Mayo, it’s a great day to try a homemade Mexican-inspired recipe. Remember the cheesy chicken nachos?

The nachos, transformed into a burrito.

Tonight, I will make some homemade guacamole using this recipe I found on a fellow foodie’s website called Spicie Foodie. I chose to make guacamole because a) I love me some guac; b) this particular recipe seemed basic and easy; and c) avocados are on sale at Aldi in Louisville for 69 cents each. If that’s not a good reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

(Side note: I might end up stocking up on Mexican food supplies at my trip to Aldi, because it looks like they have some fantastic Cinco de Mayo sales.)

I’ll post the results of the homemade guac tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some links to more Cinco de Mayo-inspired recipes and deals:

  • All Recipes has a page dedicated to Cinco de Mayo recipes. I’m tempted to make a grilled version of this fish taco recipe to go with my guac. (site)
  • Paula Deen, one of my favorite Food Network personalities, has a recipe for Mexican Chicken. It includes one of my favorite cost-saving ingredients — canned soup. (recipe)
  • If you visit a Louisville-area Qdoba on Cinco de Mayo, you can get chips and salsa for 50 cents. (site)

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