The $10 Challenge: Wick’s Pizza Parlor

Traveling in a trio eases the pain of finding a cheap dinner.

I learned this tidbit with my friends Susie and Samantha on a recent Friday night at Wick’s Pizza Parlor at Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road in the Highlands section of Louisville.

Wick’s is a great spot for a small group like the one I was in on a recent Friday night. The hostess walked us through the restaurant, giving us our pick of plenty of empty booths. We went with a cozy booth by the bar that was away from the families that filled the back portion of the restaurant.

The restaurant, which has been a staple for lovers of a hot slice and a cold beer for nearly two decades, offers the type of food you need at the end of the work week — always hearty, sometimes greasy and never expensive. “Sandwicks” (one of the restaurant’s quirky takes on classic names) don’t exceed $7, and most of the pasta dishes average at about $8. Previous visits have revealed that this place doesn’t skimp on the ingredients in their dishes. A friend’s lasagna oozed with stacks of noodles, pasta and meaty sauce, which is surely a reason why she orders it every time we go to Wick’s.

But on this most recent visit, I wanted to taste the reason why Wick’s is deserving of five locations in the Louisville area. You can have your meatballs, Wick’s. Give me some of that pizza.

I was spoiled by the reasonable rates at the beginning of the menu, so the prices of the parlor’s specialty pizza caught me off guard. Ten dollars was not going to be enough for me to order a 10-inch pizza, which feeds one or two people. The cheapest 10-inch was a plain cheese pizza, but at $9.99, the addition of tax would send me over the limit of my challenge.

The three of us decided that splitting a pie would be the most cost-effective way to enjoy a Wick’s pizza. After some debate and a little thumb wrestling, we settled on a 14-inch Wick’s Veggie Delight (hold the tomatoes, please) that could feed three to four people.

When the pizza arrived, the Vegetarian Heavens opened.

Somewhere, a vegetarian is weeping with joy.

The pizza was loaded with vegetables — green peppers, onions, green and black olives (I’m a sucker for a pizza that includes both), and mushrooms were covered in whole-milk mozzarella cheesed. The slices are so heavy that the wait staff provides the table with small plates, knives and forks for a less messy eating experience. My fellow foodies ate their pizza this way. I, however, am a strictly eat-pizza-with-my-bare-hands type of gal and was pleased that the crust effectively held up the weight of the load of fresh toppings.

My slice, loaded with veggie goodness.

By the end of the meal, the girls and I each had two slices, and I got to take another two home. Fortunately, the bill wasn’t as loaded as the pizza. At $7.42 plus a 74 cent tip, I came in under the $10 price ceiling.

The Stats:

  • 14-inch Wick’s Veggie Delight: $20.99
  • Tax: $1.26
  • Total:  $22.25
  • Split: $7.42 (Three ways)
  • My total (including tip):  $8.16

Mission: Accomplished (easily)

2 thoughts on “The $10 Challenge: Wick’s Pizza Parlor

  1. So have you been to Papalino’s yet? As the budget conscious gal about town that you are I think Papalino’s gigantor slices will be right up your alley. Seriously one slice is actually like 2 or 2.5 slices elsewhere. You could pretty much have a feast for $10 there.

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