Ashlee Clark Thompson is the Culture Editor at Louisville Public Media. Her career has included work as a newspaper journalist, communications analyst and oven reviewer. She received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Western Kentucky University and a Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction from Spalding University.

Ashlee is the author of the book Louisville Diners (History Press, 2015) and is one of the hosts of The Moth StorySlam storytelling competition. She’s also the president of the board of Louisville Literary Arts, a nonprofit with the mission to create vibrant spaces where writers and readers in the Louisville area can learn, grow and connect.

When she’s procrastinating, Ashlee enjoys embroidery, baking, re-watching episodes of Golden Girls (she’s won *two* Golden Girls trivia competitions) and trying to figure out Beyoncé’s next moves. She lives in Louisville with her husband, Robert, and dog, Dolly.

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  1. Ashlee,
    We found your blog post on hunger this morning and would love to link it to our Facebook fan page ( It’s a great piece on hunger in the area. May we link your blog?
    Jenny Smith
    Dare to Care Food Bank

  2. ashlee, just noticed you have our blog, master of fine eats, linked to yours! thanks so much. i will be sure to link back to you!

  3. Hey, Ashlee! Enjoyed your Chicken Fest blog! Nice to meet you and glad the trip to Corbin was good for you! Come back next year and we’ll take you to the skillet and you can judge for yourself if the chicken is good…(I’d actually rather have Raisin’Cane, however it’s spelled!) Loved your picture with the Colonels!!!!

  4. Hello Ahshlee! Any good chicken marinade recipes you can recommend? As the weather here across the pond is finally heating up (hmm…may have spoken too soon today), I’d love to blog something that can be used for the BBQ. Any ideas?

  5. Excited to have found your blog. We just moved to Louisville and we also downsized our income! I would defnitely drive across town for 19cent bananas. Can you give me the first restaurant in Louisville you think we should try??

    1. Start with the most important (and my favorite) meal of the day. It’s hard to beat Wild Eggs, which has several locations in town. For dinner, depending on your tastes, you can’t go wrong with a sandwich from Havana Rumba or a slice from Papalino’s if you’re looking for other good deals. Let me know what places you discover!

  6. well hello mus!! its awesome to see your blog as I was trying to find some good foor trucks in the area. whats some good trucks and where are they located on what days. also your aunt Jennifer said can you post a recipe for a good banana pudding! Love ya and say hello to rob and roscoe.

    1. Hey, Mikey! The best way to find the food trucks is to visit their Twitter or Facebook pages. Most of them are pretty good about posting their location. I’ll see what I can do about the banana pudding recipe 😉

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