Food Philosophy


My work with AmeriCorps has taught me the importance of food and nutrition, especially to our neighbors in poverty. My VISTA assignment has also inspired a new set of beliefs that I use to guide my life and, in turn, this blog.

I try to live by these basic principles, but I’m not perfect. I readily admit I don’t always follow everything on this list. But this is a general blueprint by which I live my foodie life.

  • Buy local. As the daughter of a small-business owner, it feels good to support local mom-and-pop operations.
  • Be green. I’m more of the sea-foam variety, but I try my best to save my little corner of Mother Earth.
  • Eat frugally. At this point, I have to. But it’s a practice I will continue when if I get a more lucrative job.
  • Fight hunger. People shouldn’t be deprived of a basic human need, regardless of their lot in life.

2 thoughts on “Food Philosophy

  1. […] Friends I have a special treat for you. Starting today, one of Louisville’s best new bloggers, Ashlee Clark of Ashlee Eats will be an occasional contributor to Consuming Louisville. Specifically I’m going to run her weekly feature “The $10 Challenge” here. Ashlee says she’s got a filet mignon appetite and a dollar menu budget and she’s exploring the Louisville food scene making the best of both. She’s a smart, funny writer. I enjoy her blog and appreciate her food philosophy very much. […]

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