[Bits and Pieces] A Disney princess, Chick-fil-A petition and other food news from the web, 3.5.12


March 5, 2012 by Ashlee Clark Thompson

Watermelon - stigmatizing black people for ages. Photo courtesy of dstrelau via Flickr.

  • Remember Tiana, Disney’s first black princess from The Princess and the Frog? In case you forgot, you can find her on packages of watermelon-flavored candy. Not into the fruit flavor? Try the vanilla-flavored pack featuring Sleeping Beauty. This smells a little bit racist. Not up on the “black people love watermelon” stereotype? Read up here. (The Society Pages via Jezebel)
  • First, Paula Deen got heat for having diabetes. Now, Paula and her brother Bubba are the subject of a sexual harassment lawsuit. This just isn’t her year. (TMZ)
  • You all know my mixed feelings toward Chick-fil-A, home of the delicious waffle fries, and the company’s support of anti-gay groups (thumbs up to the food, thumbs down to the political views). One New York University student was so adamant against Chick-fil-A coming to campus that she has collected 10,000 signatures supporting the removal of the restaurant from NYU. (Huffington Post)
  • The FDA has approved a pill to cure hangovers. Spoiler alert: it’s aspirin and caffeine. (ABC Action News)

One thought on “[Bits and Pieces] A Disney princess, Chick-fil-A petition and other food news from the web, 3.5.12

  1. Isn’t that just Excedrin? ;)

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